Deciphering the Signs, Sacred Indian Trees, and Places
by Don & Diane Wells

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Deciphering the Signs, Sacred Indian Trees, and Places identifies sacred places unlocks an understandings and new techniques in research. This includes Native Science, dowsing, earth energy, and more.

Because of skepticism associated with our methodologies, we were inclined to share information only with our fellow research colleagues. In fact, on one of our visits in 2017 with our mentor, Dr. James Jefferson, a Southern Ute elder, we asked his advice about sharing this new-found knowledge about Indian Culture. His simple answer was: “share with those who believe and don’t share with those that don’t believe.”

This expansive book opens the door to what has been hidden and provides interesting new ways for interpreting Indian culture. Some of our methods are supranormal which does invite skepticism. However, if you are interested in becoming involved with the excitement of being able to achieve unprecedented results in locating, documenting, and helping to preserve Indian culture then this book is for you.

Prepare yourself to step into a world where your sixth sense becomes a major part of your everyday world. If you’re not a believer yet, you may become one as soon as you experience the phenomenon of dowsing.

Deciphering the Signs, Sacred Indian Trees, and Places – Reader Comments

“Don’s instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I found myself able to pick up a new skill easily and quickly.”  – Bill Bush, SC

“I was surprised by the discovery of my own abilities, with a short tutorial by Don, to identify underground water sources, energy lines, and different types of marker trees. It is so exciting to feel in a small way a connection to the Native Americans who were so closely joined with the natural world they lived in.” – Julie Hoppock, SC

“Don’s instruction is essential in learning to dowse.  His belief in what he teaches is so key to having success.  We are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves and Don opens that door for you to step into that new world and become part of it.  So important for us to embrace the Indian Culture that came before us and learn from that culture to see all that is around us and become part of it” – Kathleen Ingram, GA

“The first time I demonstrated Native Science with dowsing rods, I said ‘Please point to my friend Mitch’ and the look on Mitch’s face was disbelief. Then I said, ‘Please point to my friend Vince’ and both friends looked at my hands to see if I was forcing the rods to point to them. Only when they held the rods did they see that there is no way to control them.”  –  LE Leyba, CO

“Since being introduced to dowsing with visits from Don and Diane Wells, a new world of discovery has opened up for me and those that I explore sacred sites with.  We are all connected with the universe … and Ancients and Indigenous of many different cultures knew this and lived by it.  Sacred lines, sacred trees, sacred directions, and sacred sites show patterns of energy running through them, not only from what we think of as our earth but also influenced by the cosmos.  The Indigenous cultures were intuitively aware of these power centers and embraced them.  Animals recognize them, plants thrive on them. I am so looking forward to this book. It will be a MUST read.”  – Heidi Wigand-Nicely (Secretary, Native American Sacred Trees, and Places)

“We turned from skeptics to believers as we learned to work with Earth’s energy lines and found there really is something to the statement, “May the Force be with you.” Using our sixth sense to harness the power of the force fields that run beneath all of our feet, homes, and communities, we explored Native American history in the South Carolina Upstate.”  – Laura C. Havran, SC

“Not knowing much about dosing rods and not having any experience we were somewhat skeptical when Don handed us the dousing rods.  But after Don’s introduction and instruction, it all came together pretty easy. It was really cool to see them work so well and getting in touch with the natural energy lines.” – Dave & Rita Curley, TN